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Constantine’s Secret: The Secrets of Hidden Bay by Urcelia Teixeira by Urcelia Teixeira

A bride with a Secret. More than one actually. A new husband with his own agenda and the dazzling stranger she can’t seem to ignore. Love triangle at its best in this gripping emotional page turner! We’re transported back to Baia Nascosta on…

.99 The Wolf Queen by Kelley Heckart

A new twist on Beauty and the Beast and the Greek myth of Lycaon the werewolf. A Bronze Age fantasy, adventure, and romance set in Arcadia, the wild forests of the goddess Artemis… Game of Thrones meets The Iliad… A tormented wolf man……

.99 Italian bread recipes 2: What is the best way to make an Italian bread by Agata Naiara

Why read this book ? What is the best way to make an Italian bread ? Italian bread recipes + links and tips ? Question on making Italian bread ? How to make Italian Bread ? What is Italian bread ? Some bread…

.99 The Town Slut’s Daughter by Heather Haley

Fiona Larochelle flees a harrowing home life only to land in Vancouver’s violently blazing punk rock underground. Music provides a catalyst when she mines a talent for singing and songwriting to form an all-girl band, the Virgin Marries. After the group breaks up,…

You can not lick your elbow!: …and other things you should know! by Aaron Duke

“You can not lick your elbow” is a fun filled children’s book that will take readers through topics such as basic chemistry, space expeditions to the moon, color theory and silly animal facts. Reminiscent of Dr. Seuss and featuring illustrations from Olivia Walker.…