A bride with a Secret. More than one actually. A new husband with his own agenda and the dazzling stranger she can’t seem to ignore. Love triangle at its best in this gripping emotional page turner!
We’re transported back to Baia Nascosta on the coast of Italy with this heart wrenching but romantic tale in the 2nd book of The Secrets of Hidden Bay.
Constantine is forced to marry into wealth. But something happens that changes her life forever. She can’t run. She can’t embrace it either. So she buries it. As deep she can.
But all secrets have a way of catching up to you, don’t they? How long could you keep a secret?
“Caught in the act she blushes and flashes him a quick smile in an attempt to disguise her foolish act. His warm brown eyes, filled with amusement, pierce deep into her soul. It’s undeniable. Their attraction to each other is so intense it’s almost palpable. ”
Will she get away with it or will it shatter her chances of true love till the day she dies?
“The moment is bittersweet for her. Standing on her terrace, watching the sunrise, her life couldn’t be more complicated than this. She’s wholeheartedly in love with one man and contractually committed to another. ”
Destined for a love everlasting or doomed for heartbreak? If you believe in soul mates and irrefutable destiny, this one’s for you! Love or Loyalty? Which would you choose?