The latest Max Brown thriller opens, “Kierkegaard wrote that boredom is the root of all evil. Is that it? Whatever the explanation, at age 66 I went looking for trouble. With the right combination of recklessness and unfounded optimism, trouble isn’t that hard to find.” Max, the reluctant hero, and his impetuous wife, Sally, are at it again.
Trouble comes in an assignment to uncover the source of counterfeit drugs in Southeast Asia that are killing thousands. Sent into the field with false credentials and flimsy covers – and woefully unprepared for the challenges of taking on an entrenched and vicious cartel – their every action seems to result in the death of a friend.
The trail leads to remnants of the Khmers Rouges – the quintessence of evil – in western Cambodia. The battle is waged on elephant back, in a Thai brothel, in Cambodian minefields, and in Khmers Rouges strongholds.
This installment of the Max Brown series has received the greatest critical acclaim. It draws on the author’s direct experience living in the area and dealing with the evils that drive the action. The result is a fast-paced thriller, laced with wit and philosophy. Available here: