Luv’s Life

Random. Raucous. Romantic.

Sexy widower/restaurateur, Rick Markham, and his darling daughter have relocated to rural eastern Washington to start fresh after suffering a tragic loss. The only problem is neither one is able to move on. The second funny, fiery, fierce, redhead Luv Sullivan crosses the threshold of his restaurant everything changes. Their attraction is powerful and palpable.

Former talk show host turned psychologist, Luv Sullivan, returns home with dreams of starting her own counseling practice. When she meets the adorable duo she’s convinced she can help them heal. It won’t be easy. Hannah is precocious, headstrong, and used to getting her way, and her overworked, fatigued father is in denial. Then, there’s the crazy chemistry between Rick and Luv, which poses and ethical dilemma for Luv. She can’t be personally involved someone she’s treating.
Though enthralled with each other, they agree to put aside their personal feelings for Hannah’s sake. Yet, circumstances, and even Luv’s own mother conspire to push them together again and again. The results are hilarious. It’s a rollicking romantic comedy full of fun.

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