When Lydia wished for a man in her life, she never dreamed she’d have two!

On her way home from work, Lydia Taylor is caught in a downpour and dashes into the doorway of a bookstore she doesn’t remember seeing before. Little does she know, when she enters the store, that her life is about to change forever.

The owner offers her a rare book as a gift, but there is more to the book than first meets the eye. Soon after reading it, an attractive stranger appears at her door setting in motion a series of bizarre events. Seeking answers, Lydia returns to the bookstore, only to find it empty.

When she meets handsome businessman, Luke Pentecost, she is instantly attracted to him.
After telling him her unusual story Luke is sceptical and, if only to prove her wrong, offers to join forces to get to the bottom of her mystery. Lydia accepts his offer, not knowing what
fate has in store for them.

Where did the handsome stranger come from? Will Lydia and Luke discover the truth about the book? Will they uncover the reason that has brought them together?
Love’s Twist of Fate